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Bowel & Bladder Control

  • stop leaking
  • control your bladder
  • resolve bowel pain and incontinence

Sexual Wellness

  • understand your arousal cycle
  • pain-free penetration
  • confident orgasms
  • explore intimacy solutions

Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

  • feel strong in pregnancy
  • experience an empowered labor
  • take the guesswork out of postpartum recovery

Prolapse & Pain Solutions

  • lift your organs
  • resolve pubic bone, low back, tailbone, and hip pain
  • move with freedom

You are not alone.

Saying "yes" to taking care of your body has never been easier. Our approach to pelvic healthcare is as unique as you are.

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We're Plus One Pelvic Health.

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What started as meeting a need for our community, has quickly become our passion and life mission.

Whether you're navigating a challenging pregnancy or postpartum, leaking when you jump, experiencing pain with sex, or any of the many pelvic health difficulties, you are not alone! Our job, our passion, is to come alongside you in your pelvic health journey. 


Online resources for every stage of sexual health, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

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Our mission is to empower women to move, birth, and age with confidence in their body.


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